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Sleepy Hollow


Sleepy Hollow Run is a neighborhood of homes in Annandale Virginia offering an assortment of luxurious starter homes to multi-million dollar homes sitting over an acre lot.  Homebuyers can find a variety of home styles in Sleepy Hollow. Cape-Cod style houses, new builds, and solid brick colonials built in the 1930s can all be found in this tiny community. Sleepy Hollow is unique as it effortlessly blends modern and historic homes creating an upscale, diverse housing stock.  beautiful styles, varying sizes and affordable prices to choose from. 

Just the name of this community creates vivid imagery even before passing the small wooden “Sleepy Hollow” sign. The quiet wooded community establishes a strong sense of country living. Nestled between Annandale Road and Arlington Boulevard, Sleepy Hollow is a fresh of breath air. 


With just over 300 homes in Sleepy Hollow, residents truly experience small-town living. Throughout the warmer seasons, community picnics and holiday parades are a common sight in Sleepy Hollow. Everyone knows their neighbors in this quaint little suburb of the district. Cruising down the street drivers regularly wave to oncoming traffic typically because they know them, but even if they don’t that is just the friendly behavior found in this sleepy, tucked-away Virginia neighborhood. 

Sleepy Hollow Recreation Center features a delightful family pool with an added wading pool for small children, tennis courts, and tons of social events for the entire family. Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet is another spot locals regularly congregate. The racquet club caters community events like “Dinner and a Movie” on Saturday nights where families eat grilled hot dogs and spend quality time with family and friends.  

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